UVA Rotunda black and white

Sex on Grounds

by Sara Firebone

UVA Rotunda black and whiteTired of having sex on your rickety twin bunk bed? Look no further. Here are some good places around grounds to get it on with your significant other, one night stand, or anything in between.


Clark Stacks:

I know what you’re thinking, why Clark stacks? Why not Alderman stacks like everyone else? It’s simple when you think about it. First off, the lighting in Clark is much more flattering than that in Alderman, plus the door is much louder – a crucial element of secret sex. Overall though, a very easy location with a pretty good payoff. If youre looking for the stacks trifecta don’t forget Alderman and first floor Clemons. Level of Difficulty: Wide Open


Old Cabell:

Another easy notch in your belt are any of the classrooms in Wilson since the front doors don’t lock. As a warning, the classroom doors don’t lock either, so it’s your safest bet to prop the door closed with a desk. For a more advanced adventure try one of the stairwells (though be careful for the cop that patrols on occasion).

Level of Difficulty: Doable



For sexing while fratting/sratting or just at a house party near beta bridge, the Ruffin studio art building is most definitely a prime sexing location. It has a plethora of flat surface and couches for your pleasure, and all of the art makes for a really romantic atmosphere. The only difficult part of this location is the fact that you have to be enrolled in an art class there to gain access after 5pm.

Level of Difficulty: Demands Work



Now that the weather is nice, there’s no better way to end a picnic on the lawn than with a nice ‘frolic’ in the gardens. This location is easy, breezy, and quite beautiful. I would recommend you bring a blanket in order to avoid grass stains and creepy crawlies where the sun (usually) doesn’t shine.

Level of Difficulty: Easier than your once-a-week ENWR


Thomas Jefferson/George Washington Statues on the lawn:

This is a location for the more daring couples on grounds. If you don’t know where this is, than this isn’t the location for you. These two nooks are perfect for getting it on while leaning up against either Thomas Jefferson or George Washington. Passersby will be sure to get a good look, but I’m sure you don’t really mind.

Level of Difficulty: Sexclusive


Construction zones:

For a limited time only! These little construction zones are a perfect place to get freaky in a semi-private place. Warning: stay out of the ‘hard-hat only’ zones as I’m sure your quickie isn’t worth a concussion (or maybe it is? Who am I to judge.)

Level of Difficulty: Watch for Gravel


And for the warriors out there…


Stage in the Amphitheater

Yeah, you heard me. If you’re looking to  put on a good show this is the location to do so. But, bring a blanket because concrete burn isn’t fun for either party. ‘Nuff said.

Level of Difficulty: Sexpert


Steps of the Rotunda:

Few have entered, even fewer have emerged. This near-impossible feat of man vs. marble has challenged daring undergrads for years, and rumor has it the 7 Society is comprised of only thoselucky few who have managed to get lucky on the steps – in broad daylight. If you accomplish this without getting arrested please contact HoosKinky with photographic proof to receive your badge of honor.

Level of Difficulty: Thomas Jefferson