Quiet Songs: Works by Cindy Song

“An investigation on the correlation between insanity and creativity. My subjects are creative, artistic women who suffered from mental disorders or found themselves in crazy situations. Each portrait includes a visual and symbolic mani­festation of my interpretation of their personalities and minds.”

Media Used: White Charcoal, Ballpoint Pen, Watercolor on Wood

Interpretation #1 - Virginia Woolf
Interpretation #1 – Virginia Woolf

Interpretation #2 - Sylvia Plath
Interpretation #2 – Sylvia Plath

Interpretation #3 - Zelda Fitzegerald
Interpretation #3 – Zelda Fitzgerald

Interpretation #4 - Anne Frank
Interpretation #4 – Anne Frank

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  1. Elise

    I absolutely LOVE these. They’re what I’ve dreamt of creating, but never had the skill to make! Wow! I love these women…So beautiful. Thank you. x

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