My America

My America is beautiful

It grabs hold of me and loves me

It wants me.

One day others won’t want me

for reasons unexplained.

That day might be now

The day of days has come.

But my America is strong

And my America is mine

And my America is mine.

Unwavering in the evil

flourishing with my hopes

My America is mine.


He has no place in my America

For I have no place in his.

My America is no longer the America

It makes me weep

But still I hold it

Strong and ready

as I lay still

and watch the undercurrents rush past me

pulling me to the end

I will hold it forever

because forever it will hold me


One day My America will be the America

One day we will be free

One day civility will prevail

One day One day

All of America will love what it sees



Cate Streissguth is a first year who smuggles sweet potatoes from Newcomb.