BFF Show Recap: WXTJ hosts Junie B, Sorority Boy, Shimmer, and ING @ the Trash House

On Saturday night, WXTJ hosted a friendly line-up of Charlottesville acts at The Trash House. The venue is home to a group of grungy musicians that jam in their filth and sometimes host local acts in their living room.

A new band on the scene, Junie B. opened the show. Made up of singer and guitarist Emily Yarmechuk, drummer Gillian Lee, and bassist Ellen McAlexander, this group is a new-era riot grrrl-rock punk band. The trio added their own flavor to popular covers from The Killers to Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.”

Junie B. keeps it fresh in these familiar songs with daring tempo switches and minor progressions infused throughout. The light banter in between songs gave the audience a chance to breathe between the aggressive head-banging and fervent sing-alongs: “We don’t fuck with mumps. Let’s go.”

Next up, Sorority Boy fulfilled our hopes and dreams, playing music both old and new. The crowd was abuzz with expectation, chattering anxiously about what Sorority Boy was going to do their first live performance. Formerly Second Date members, guitarist Brian Cameron, rocking red lipstick, and drummer Maria DeHart assumed the stage as old friends.

They quickly dived into their set, covering songs from their old band in appropriate shoegaze-y fashion. They proceeded into a punchy cover of PWR BTTM’s “Dairy Queen”, with DeHart taking over lead vocals.

It’s clear Cameron and Dehart love performing together. Propelled by DeHart’s powerful drumming (the kick/snare/floor tom beats will knock you over) alongside Cameron’s glittering guitars allowed the crowd to be consumed by the sweet, sweet cacophony. The band wrapped up their set with new material, giving off an anti-establishment garage vibe distinct from their past work in Second Date.


Shimmer, also known as Lona Manik, brought her voice and electric guitar to the stage. A resident of The Trash House, Manik was the architect for the night’s carefully constructed sloven aesthetic.

Shimmer hit it off with “nobody is watching you,” which was undeniably swoonful, bewitching the room with a playful ambience . She then played songs from her recently released EP “house of spirits,” The set launched the audience into their own reflective state, placing Shimmer’s voice as the ultimate background music to introspection –yeah, her voice was that mesmerizing.

Previously the bassist and vocalist for Second Date, Shimmer took off on her own and absolutely owned it, showing her talents as a multi-instrumentalist. Her delicate voice glided over the thick electric vibrations resonating from her instrument, creating a celestial, blissful sonic atmosphere in The Trash House. If you’re looking for a night of angelic enchantment for your ears, seek Shimmer out.

ING was the show’s closer, and we couldn’t have wanted it any other way. This Charlottesville favorite is made up of drummer Will Mullany, bassist Nathan Maizel, and guitarist and vocalist Hannah Balesi.

What they sacrifice in softer vocals, Mullany and Maizel make up with a fantastic beat. Maintaining a melodic guitar and bassline through endless tempo shifts, ING pulls off math rock with ease. Their tight, cultivated playing proved that this band has experience, which allows a certain level of chemistry that every successful band needs. Their caclulated tunes vary in order to create vibes from halycon to hype, pumping the crowd up to go out and emerge in the world. All in all a great show.


Sasha Bilal is a first-year who claims her transcript is alternative facts.

Emma Williams is a first-year who wears headphones to church.