AVP Presents: Menz Bop

The Academical Village People Present: Menz Bop

UVA’s local hooligans are hosting a concert this weekend, Friday and Saturday at 8PM, in McLeod Hall. Go see your favorite bare-chested band perform the greatest singles from the past, present, and Christmas-in-July future, featuring hits by Katy Perry, Village People, Ed Sheeran, Toto, and more.

AVP always aims to entertain, their concerts are infinitely energetic and feature a diverse range of vocal talents recruited from around Grounds. This concert will premiere this Spring’s New Guy Class, Robongle, and give a valiant send off to AVP’s Fourth Years. You can be sure to expect a skillful performance full of relevant social commentary, finely tuned harmonies, and rowdy antics.

See grown men live out their lifelong dreams of being 12-year old pop stars, this weekend only, in ‘The Academical Village People Present: MENZ BOP’.

Get your tickets on the Lawn this week between 11-3, or online at avpmusic.co.
AJ BAKHTARI is a second-year who majors in dank memes.