WXTJ+Trashhouse present: An Art Show

For the sophisticated garbage reading this, clear your Saturday plans. On the evening of March 18th, the second WXTJ + Trashhouse Present: An Art Show will take place at 1411 Gordon Avenue.

Of course you remember last year’s WXTJ + Camp Ugly Present: An Art Show; Camp Ugly is an art collective, founded by Judith Young and Maggie Flanary, that last year found itself situated at what is now Trashhouse; they started what will hopefully be a long history of DIY concerts at UVa. The residents of Trashhouse have been carrying on this ethos, hosting musicians from all over the state, and now following up on last year’s gallery. The name of the venue has changed, but the ideals, location, and most importantly this event remain the same.

The art show provides an opportunity for student and local artists working within any medium to showcase their work. The featured image is a horse sculpture by Aggie Zed, a local artist from Gordonsville, VA.

What can be a tenuous process – finding somewhere to display your art – was reduced to sending an e-mail providing a description or a photo of your work. Since there is no overhead, due to the organizers and venue being volunteers, there is a pure quality in what is being displayed that’s hard to find at even slightly more commercial galleries. This show is a place that celebrates artistic endeavors for simply being art – though the submissions have still been beautiful and plentiful. The collection is fairly eclectic, featuring skeletal, wire sculpture alongside hand painted silk and colorful collages.

DJ Tom Not Jefferson will be setting the mood for the evening, because the student-run music venue and student-run radio station couldn’t cohost an art show without music.
All of the proceeds from art sales and donations will go directly to the artists, with a portion going to a non-profit to be decided upon by the artists – either Planned Parenthood, the IRC, or the ACLU of Virginia.

Be there at 5:30, or at least don’t show up after 7:30.
Nathan Maizels is a third-year who exclusively drinks Coronitas.