Tweeting Trump Throws Major Shade

Saturday night, President Donald Trump tweeted his followers asking them to watch Judge Jeanine’s show on Fox News. It is not uncommon for the president to tweet at his fans and tell them to watch Fox News but this time it was for reasons more than simply spreading the right-wing agenda. Judge Jeanine had a dedicated segment criticizing Paul Ryan, telling him to step down as speaker of the House. People are chastising President Trump, saying his tweet was passive aggressive, especially since the president had praised Ryan for his work on the Health Care Bill the previous night. Trump defended the tweet saying:

“I am just a fan of Judge Jeanine. I think she does a tremendous job and she really deserves more recognition.”

However Trump’s tweeting did not stop with Judge Jeanine. On Sunday he tweeted:

“Has anyone ever driven down the George Washington Memorial Parkway? It’s a tremendous road. I recommend taking it to work this morning.”

Drivers who drove down the Parkway that morning were greeted with a billboard saying: “Paul Ryan Fucked Me” with a photoshopped image of Ryan making gentle yet vigorous love to a photoshopped Donald Trump. Ryan has yet to comment on the tweets or the billboard.

Trump’s passive aggressive actions are not helping his image at the moment. Especially since he was quoted last week criticizing Meals on Wheels because “it makes the meals harder to catch.”

When Vice President Mike Pence was reached out for comment he said:

“Look, Trump is trying as hard as he can to reach out to our fellow Republicans. He has even given Ryan and me cool t-shirts.”

Pence then held up a t-shirt with his face on the front and the words “Repeal and Replace.” written across the top. Sources have told us that Ryan’s t-shirt simply says “Replace.”


Colin Shaw is a third-year who likes to join lawnies in the shower, because it’s prestigious of course.